NUTRISIL PLUS is a concentrated suspension fertilizer for foliar application and / or fertigation, in no case phytotoxic when used correctly. The base of its formulation are potassium and calcium phosphates, in addition a high concentration of soluble silicon has been added.


• Nutrisil Plus generates a protective Silicon-based barrier on the blade.

• Induces the generation of phytoalexins.

• Protects the plant against attack by insects and diseases, as well as adverse climatic conditions.

• Source of Silicon and phosphites of Calcium, Potassium and Copper.

• Easily assimilated nutrients.

• Compatible with most insecticides and fungicides.

• The recommended Nutrisil Plus dose is 0.1 to 5 liters.


It is composed of nutrients highly assimilable by the plant, is compatible with most insecticides and fungicides, however the farmer must do tests of compatibility by interaction of ingredients or water quality. NUTRISIL PLUS has been formulated to achieve the contribution of the nutrients phosphorus, potassium, calcium, copper and silicon, in addition to improving the plant's response to pathogenic attacks with the application of the phosphite ion and silicon.

NUTRISIL PLUS was designed taking into account the average requirements of the main species cultivated in the soils of the different agricultural areas of the country. Its application is recommended during the stages of establishment, development and production of the crops, states in which they require greater amounts of nutrients for the formation of new tissues, as well as in those periods in which they are more susceptible to the attack of pests and diseases .




NUTRISIL PLUS can be mixed with most pesticides on the market, however it is recommended to do a compatibility test before making an unknown mixture.




Active ingredient % p/v
Assimilable Phosphorus (P2O5) 18
Potassium Soluble in Water (K2O) 9

Silicon Soluble (SiO2)

(Expressed in (Si) as 9.4%)

Calcium (CaO) 2.5
Copper (Cu) 1.3
Inertes Ingredients 49.2
Total 100




To prepare the application mixture it is recommended to add to the tank ¾ parts of the required water and pour the amount of NUTRISIL PLUS and shake vigorously, then add water until the desired volume is reached, always maintaining a constant stirring of the prepared broth.

Use the mixture on the day of preparation. Do not eat, drink or smoke while handling and applying this product. Although NUTRISIL PLUS can be mixed with most existing pesticides on the market, it is always recommended to do a compatibility test before making an unknown mixture.

In case of application with pesticides and for better results, mix this product according to the following sequence:
1. Water 2. NUTRISIL PLUS 3. Pesticide.


NUTRISIL PLUS must be applied by means of a complete atomization to the crop covering the bundle and back of the foliage, always avoiding the dripping and the uncontrolled leaks of the product

Agronomic Use and Application Dose

NUTRISIL PLUS foliar fertilizer is recommended at a minimum overall dose of 0.1 liters per hectare, dissolved in 100 lt. of water. For best results, apply when the culture is in the active state of growth. Apply early in the morning, or in the afternoon.

NUTRISIL PLUS is applied in rice (Oryza sativa), potato (Solanum tuberosum) flowers, citrus (Citrus sp), vegetables, pastures, MELON (Cucumis melo), BANANAS (Musa sapientum) and PINEAPPLE (Ananas comosus) following doses:


RICE ( Oryza sativa) 1 - 2 lt / ha. Apply from tillering with application intervals of 7-14 days
POTATOE (Solanum Tuberosum) 1.5 - 3 lt / ha. with application intervals of 7-14 days
FLOWERS, CITRUS ( Citrus sp) 1 - 2 lt / ha. with application intervals of 7-14 days
VEGETABLES, TOMATO, SWEET CHILI, COFFEE, COTTON, TUBERS, MELON AND WATERMELON. 1 - 3 lt / ha. with application intervals of 7-14 days
PASTURES 1 - 3 lt / ha. 5 days after grazing
BANANA ( Musa sp) 0.1-5 lt / ha. with application intervals of 3-7-14-28 days
PINEAPPLE ( Ananas comosus) 0.1-5 lt / ha. with application intervals of 3-7-14-28 days
NUTRISIL PLUS is a foliar fertilizer that is a complement and not a substitute for soil fertilization