TORNADO (P) is an amendment consisting of phosphoric rock and magnesium silicate activated with sulfuric acid. TORNADO (P) contains 13% MgO and 20% CaO for a Ca / Mg ratio of 1.8.


Phosphorus is one of the essential elements known as greater to be required in greater quantity by the crops. TORNADO (P) contains 14% P2O5.

The acid causes small granules to form that eliminate the presence of dust and also generates a much greater surface area that makes the product more reactive.

Soils are frequently subjected to:

Fertilization with major elements (NPK).
Acid residual effect of fertilizers in general.
Effect of leaching of the bases and the own absorption of the plants.

These facts make that:

The pH of the soil decreases.
The exchangeable aluminum increases and the Ca and Mg cations decrease.

For this reason, calcium and magnesium-containing amendments should be regularly applied while removing the aluminum and maintaining a correct pH.

That is the goal of TORNADO (P): eliminate aluminum and correct pH

In addition: contributes P, Ca, Mg, Si, S

Magnesium (Mg) plays a very important role in the metabolism of plants, as it is the central atom of the green leaf pigment (chlorophyll) responsible for photosynthesis, and also fulfills functions such as:

Breath metabolism activator
Generator of certain enzymes
Participates in the synthesis and accumulation of carbohydrates, fats and proteins
Intervenes in the transport of phosphatesEl Mg es un elemento móvil dentro de la planta y es absorbido del suelo como el catión Mg2+. No se deben aplicar enmiendas con solo calcio sino que deben contener también magnesio.

The sulfate ion allows magnesium and calcium to have a deeper action.

Silicon (Si) is not an essential element for plants but its action is recognized by increasing defenses and resistance to withstand conditions of biotic or abiotic stress and to strengthen the structure of leaves and stems. The silicic acid formed, Si (OH) 4, helps to protect phosphorus and decreases its insolubilization. TORNADO (P) contains more than 20% assimilable SiO2.

The silicates present in our product are strong mixers of the interchangeable aluminum.


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