TERRAMAG 14 es una fuente de Magnesio de rápida asimilación para aplicación al suelo que aporta de manera inmediata un 14% de MgO soluble en agua.


La cantidad restante se caracteriza por ser de lenta asimilación y su uso por parte de la planta sucede en un lapso prolongado de tiempo mejorando el contenido de magnesio en el suelo obteniendo mejor respuesta agronómica del cultivo.


Producer MAGNESIOS HELICONIA S.A. Carrera 49 # 61sur - 540 Bodega 126. Sabaneta-Antioquia PBX. (4) 3013066
The Product Elaborated through acidification of magnesium ore from Heliconia-Antioquia.
Use Inorganic fertilizer for soil application Agricultural Grade
Contributed elements Phosphorus (P2O5), Magnesium (MgO), Silicon (SiO2), Sulfur (S), Calcium (CaO), Boron
Physical State Granulated
Color Gray
Alkalinity Neutral
Maximum Humidity 5 %
ICA Registration 6397



Magnesium is an essential component of chlorophyll, without which it can not perform photosynthesis process of plants. It also acts as an activator of the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins and also intervenes in the transport of phosphates. Mg is a moving element within the plant and is absorbed from the soil as the Mg + 2 cation. It has other functions such as:

Increase the resistance of plants to diseases.
Potentiate the absorption of phosphorus and other nutrients by plants.
Ensure the formation of proteins in plants.

Thanks to its facility to recover the affected crop its use is highly recommended to supply deficiencies of marked Magnesium.

Our product also provides sulfur, an element recognized for its importance in the composition of some enzymes and coenzymes that intervene in metabolism, is also reduced and incorporated into amino acids and proteins or directly enters to form the sulfolípidos in the membranes that regulate the passage of the ions through them.



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