Prosil is a product of Magnesium and Silicon, made from a natural raw material, which is subjected to treatments that do not alter its chemical composition and which result in a product capable of delivering significant amounts of soluble silicon.


Agronomic Use

PROSIL Gr is a general purpose fertilizer for soil application
PROSIL Gr is a fertilizer used as a source of Magnesium and Silicon.
PROSIL Gr It is presented in granulated form to be mixed with sources of fertilizers based on Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.



When PROSIL interacting with soil and environmental conditions, such as humidity, temperature, CO2, microorganisms, organic matter, roots, soil mineral compounds and others, Prosil generates monosilicic acid (H4SiO4), which is the soluble form acting on the soil and the only one like the plant can take it. In addition, it supplies magnesium, which can react with the soil complex or be absorbed by the plant as a nutrient.

The silicon present in Prosil increases the availability of phosphorus, acts as a neutralizer of soil acidity, increases pH and inactivates toxic forms of aluminum, iron, manganese and heavy metals present in the soil, which can be harmful to the plant. In alkaline soils prevents the plant from taking an excess of salts, especially sodium, which can interfere with the absorption of water and nutrients, and can alter the metabolism of the plant. In the plant, the silicon of Prosil promotes a greater production of dry matter, activates the natural defenses promoting the synthesis of phytoalexins and, therefore, reduces the incidence of fungal and bacterial diseases; acts as a physical barrier preventing germination of the spores of the pathogens and hinders the attack of the pests by locating as a continuous layer between the cuticle and the cells of the epidermis. The silicon deposited in the roots decreases the incidence of nematodes and fungal diseases of edaphic origin. In the same way, it modifies the architecture of the plant, increases the number of stems (better tillering), the leaves are more erect and, consequently, increases the efficiency in the use of light.

Presentations Bags of 45 kg and 50 kg



Magnesium (MgO) Total 30 %
Silicon (SiO2) 31 %
Inert Ingredients 39 %
Total 100 %




The application rate of Prosil Gr varies according to the type and fertility of the soils as well as the crops in which it is applied. The dose ranges between 150 and 500 kg / ha per harvest.


PROSIL Gr is applied in the following doses and cultures:
Rice 100 to 300 kg / ha / harvest (at sowing or re-planting)
Banana 300 to 500 kg / ha (at planting and / or monthly)
Sugar cane 200 to 300 kg / ha / cosec (at planting and / or renovation (soca)
Coffee 150 to 300 kg / ha (at planting and / or monthly)
Pineapple 200 to 500 kg / ha / harvest (when sowing in the first subscribers)
Cantaloupe 150 to 300 kg / ha / harvest (preparation of land and / or sowing)
Watermelon 150 to 300 kg / ha / harvest (preparation of land and / or sowing)
Squash 150 to 300 kg / ha / harvest (at planting and / or monthly)
Citrus fruits 150 to 250 kg / ha (at planting and after each harvest)
Fruit trees 150 to 250 kg / ha (at planting and after each harvest)
Corn 150 to 300 kg / ha / harvest (at sowing)
Tubers 150 to 300 kg / ha / harvest (at sowing)
Vegetables 150 to 200 kg / ha / harvest (at sowing)
Ornamental 150 to 200 kg / ha (at planting and / or monthly)