Although there are naturally acidic soils and living beings capable of surviving in acidic conditions, a soil with low or low pH will present developmental problems because the growth of plants and micro organisms will be inhibited.

This process of acidification occurs naturally in the soil by several factors:

1. By washing, that is generated with the rain that displaces the bases of the soil, being this phenomenon more strong in high zones, of hillside
and sloping terrain.

2. By Nitrification, or transformation of ammonium (NH4) from fertilizers into Nitrates (NO3), and urine and feces from cattle to nitric acid
by oxidation.

3. By decomposition of organic matter, which in its process generates organic acids affecting the pH of the soil. This is normal on high floors
in organic material

4. By removing nutrients from the soil by plants, such as Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium, releasing Hydrogen
(H +), generating a gradual impoverishment of the soil.

5. Failure to apply amendments to agricultural and livestock activities periodically to compensate for these processes.


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