Silicon (Si) a mineral used to correct soil, control pests, increase productivity and improve crop quality.

Better known as the basic material of the electro-electronics industry, in the composition of integrated circuits or chips, present in all electronic devices, such as computers and cell phones, Silicon is now also present in agriculture to correct problems in the soil, control pests, increase productivity and improve the quality of crops and other crops.

Results in several studies showed an increase in the total production of tubers of 14.3% and of the production of marketable tubers - The potato is good for consumption - by 15.8%. This behavior of the vegetable happens when the branches and leaves grow and are not straight but lying on the ground causing a series of problems. The plant is deprived of photosynthesis to its full potential and becomes more easily susceptible to the action of pathogenic microorganisms.

Silicon promotes the strengthening of the cell wall of leaves and stems when leaving the plants more upright and increasing the area of ​​exposure to the sun. "The reduction in the bedding of the branches, provided by the application of Silicon, may be related to the better hydric condition in the cells promoted by the osmotic adjustment (which confers better permeability), which resulted in cells more turgid (dilated) and with greater mechanical resistance "

"The increase in production may also be related to the increase in the proportion of phosphorus in the soil and the reduction of the incarnate due to the application of silicate, which may have favored the interception efficiency of sunlight and, consequently, favoring filling the potatoes. "



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