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Magnesios Heliconia S.A.S




We are a company dedicated to the exploitation of minerals and production of its derivatives, with an emphasis on Magnesium Silicate. The main raw material used is serpentinite rock, a mineral composed mainly of magnesium silicate and of which there is a deposit located in the municipality of Heliconia, Antioquia, 26 kilometers from Itagüí, south-west of the Aburrá valley.

They call us "The Silicon Experts" due to the level, efficiency and quality of the professionals that make up our R & D team and the results of their excellent work, which has allowed us to produce products with high concentrations of magnesium (higher than the existing ones). in the market) and other additional benefits, due to the operations of machining and chemical engineering implemented, delivering final products that meet the needs of the most demanding customers in the market.






Deposit located in the rural area of the Municipality of Heliconia, in the Department of Antioquia - Colombia. The total area is 223 hectares.

With the use of the GeoSoft simulation software used by Magnesios Heliconia, reserves were calculated in 50% of the area, resulting in:

• Projected Area: 1,337,864 m²
• Estimated Volume: 302'395,000 m³
• Calculated Reserves: (Estimated x Density) 756'000.000 Ton

With these calculated reserves (756'000.000 tons) and carrying out an exploitation of 1,000 tons / day, it would take approximately 2100 years to extract all the estimated reserves of the deposit, located above the carreteables that cross it.






The Mineral - Serpentinite rock free of cresótilo -It is a silver-white metallic element, relatively unreactive. Magnesium is one of the alkaline earth metals, and belongs to group 2 (or IIA) of the periodic system. The atomic number of magnesium is 12.

The metal, first isolated by the British chemist Humphry Davy in 1808, is obtained today mainly by the electrolysis of molten magnesium chloride. Magnesium is malleable and ductile when heated. Except for beryllium, it is the lightest metal that remains stable under normal conditions. Oxygen, water or alkalis do not attack the metal at room temperature. Reacts with acids, and when heated to about 800 ° C also reacts with oxygen and emits a radiant white light. Magnesium has a melting point of about 649 ° C, a boiling point of about 1,107 ° C and a density of 1.74 g / cm3; its atomic mass is 24,305.

The serpentinite exploited in the Heliconia deposit is free of cresótilo and is composed mainly of Lizardita + Antigorita (80%) and in smaller amount by olivine (5%), talc (10%) and magnetite (8%). Additionally it has small amounts of aluminum, calcium, boron, nickel and cobalt.





SiO2 42,7%
MgO Total 37,11%
Fe2O3 8,67%
CaO 0,78%
Al2O3 0.16%
Ni 0.21%
H2O 3%






The processing and packaging plant plays a fundamental role in the quality and reliability of our products, applying with efficiency and accuracy the engineering and chemical parameters of our R & D equipment, processes and production.

It exploits, processes and transforms minerals, especially magnesium silicate, to obtain the required derivatives. Crushing, grinding, grading, mixing and chemical reaction are carried out.

The main stages of the process are listed below:

• Storage and receipt of raw materials

• Mixes

• Acidulation

• Finished product and packaging